Across the industry, insulation is critical to reduce emissions and noise levels, control energy costs, enhance process performance, and many other benefits that promote a healthy and strong workplace. Systems that require insulation include any process that carries or stores liquid, gas, air, or product in which the temperature of the ambient air affects the temperature of the substance being transferred or stored. The first step to protecting your products and materials begins with how (and how well) it is insulated.

F&H Insulation Sales and Service, Inc has a long history of supplying, distributing, and installing mechanical insulation in commercial and industrial applications.


Refineries & Utility Companies

  • F&H provides personnel flexibility to quicken job turn-arounds and effectively manage any outages you may be experiencing.

Medical Centers

  • In order to protect your workplace, we are equipped and highly-trained to isolate and secure sensitive areas


  • F&H is equipped to complete projects within a limited time frame.

Ethanol Plants

  • From dryer systems to full-scale plants, F&H has extensive experience working safely around dangerous and/or volatile materials.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • To minimize your downtime, we operate 24-hours a day.

Engineered insulation systems by F&H extend to all types of projects and equipment: ventilation systems, fire wrapping, plumbing and mechanical systems, refrigeration and food grade piping.

As one of the region’s oldest and most experienced specialty contractors, our insulation work in the industry is renowned. We are one of the few single-source contractors in the region to provide insulation, lagging fabrication, and scaffolding services.

F&H’s highly experienced and talented Project Managers oversee every facet of each project – quality control, labor, scheduling, and cost.


  • Insulation & Lagging for Piping and Mechanical Systems
  • Removable Insulation Systems
  • Tank Insulation Systems
  • Equipment Insulation Systems


  • Projects Completed on Schedule and Within Budget
  • Superior Project Management
  • Coordination with Other Trades
  • Trained Crews
  • Labor and Material Controls
  • Excellent Communication
  • Constructibility Review if Requested
  • Quick Resolution of Issues
  • 100% Commitment to Safety & Professionalism

Our mission is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing the highest levels of safety, quality, and productivity, while still maintaining personal and professional integrity.